Fundraising Events

2018/19 Fundraising events.

  • Treasurer Hunt.
  • Christmas Gift Art Project.
  • Christmas Raffle.
  • Christmas Party Photos
  • Valentines Day.
  • Let’s Bake for Red Nose Day
  • Sponsored Silence. Yes they can be “Quiet”
  • Over Easter Raffle.
  • Sponsored Silence.
  • Summer Fayre.

Raised so far:

The start of this years fundraising is to buy a new playhouse to create new exciting learning area in the garden. This includes buying the base, gravel, paint, flooring, decoration, lights, storage, cushion and of course the playhouse.

Treasure Hunt.

Children raised £32 by finding lots of different items on a Treasure List well done to the 16 children who took part.

Christmas Card Project

The £41.30 raised from the Christmas cards the children created which were then sent away for professional printing. Thank you to the parents and carers for their support!

Christmas Raffle

We raised a brilliant £150.00 from the raffle. Thanks to everyone who brought tickets hope the winners enjoyed their prizes.

Christmas Photograph’s

During our Christmas Party we took a photo of each child standing in front of the Christmas tree, these were available for parents to buy, this helped raise £59.50.

Valentines Red Day.

Children came dressed in anything Red, parents were asked for a voluntary donation of £1 we raised £16.

Red Nose Day.

All money raised from this day will be donated to this charity.

Sponsored Silence

This raised the incredible amount of £307.00 well done to everyone just goes to show children can be quiet!!!! .

Over Easter Raffle

This raised just over £100.

Summer Fayre.

This was our first attempt at a Fayre to bring the parents and community together to help our provision it turned out to be a lovely day we are still waiting for a final total raised which we hope will be about £400. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success.